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Get In Touch – We guide you through our speciality Hire Solutions. No matter how complex your challenges, our heavy construction equipment solutions help you improve productivity today and move to a more sustainable future tomorrow.We will guide you through your speciality rental options.


SSGI Rentals committed to delivering the right equipment to your job sites when you need. We work closely to schedule delivery & collection of equipment for your project and handle the logistics of moving rental equipment between job sites.

One of the reasons we are India’s premier Equipment Rental company is our focus on our people as they ultimately make the difference in our service to our customers. Our corporate values are Passion, Pace & Performance – all key to delivering world class service.

Our Innovative Edge – SSGI is constantly innovating to improve our services, enhance your rental experience and save you money. We regularly review every area of our operations to see how we can do things better, more efficiently and more sustainably, and we are constantly introducing innovations, from new equipment to new working practices, to help us, and our customers, to be the best we can be.

Why Rent Construction Equipment?


We’ve a platform which enables our customers to rent what they want, when they want, and where they want with ease.

The 4-Pillar of SSGI Rental Services – Our game changing services are built on four pillars, which form both the founding principles of our company and our promise to every customer.


=> India’s 1 of the largest, youngest, and best specified fleet of equipment
=> The largest choice of Piling Rigs
=> Nationwide coverage from Delhi HO
=> Guaranteed next day delivery on all orders placed within 72 hours


=> Highly experienced, knowledgeable experts throughout the company
=> Innovative, strategic solutions based on in-depth industry understanding
=> Experienced rental desks and single-point-of-contact Office Executives
=> Industry leading technology for easy ordering and account tracking


=> Dependable new machines that reduce downtime from breakdowns
=> Rapid response from our own large service team if breakdowns do occur
=> Priority access to reputed clients nationwide


=> A modern fuel-efficient fleet to lower costs and your carbon footprint
=> All equipment tier-4 compliant across the network
=> Innovative telematics to track and improve efficiency on site
=> Paperless processing with real time updates to your head office


Innovative Equipment – SSGI provide   heavy construction equipment on rent. As a leading Indian rental company, we work closely with the major manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the needs of our users, both in effectiveness and efficiency. An equipment rental company with national networks rent a full range of construction equipment across a wide variety of applications to a diverse customer base.

The Right Equipment – You cannot do anything without reliable and powerful equipment on construction sites. With hundreds of equipment and tools, SSGI also has a suitable solution for your project. You can come to us for renting Piling rigs, Excavators, Graders, Loaders among other items. But we also offer a wide range of earth moving equipment for construction and demolition work. Only new equipment from leading brands.

On-site Equipment Rental – SSGI Rentals on-site facilities bring our expertise and resources right to your job site.
Herc Rentals’ on-site facilities demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our customers’ success.
Once on board, our team of experts will work with you to customize an on-site fleet, complete with tools, equipment and consumables specifically designed for your project needs.On-site customers also have immediate access to technicians capable of responding to any maintenance or service requirements, as well as experts to help you efficiently and effectively manage your SSGI Rentals fleet and transactions.

Industries We Serve – Offering decades of experience, our on-site teams serve a wide range of industries with equipment, tools, and management of your SSGI Rentals transactions and fleet. Some of these industries are:Construction, Airports, Infrastructure development, Manufacturing, Mining &Extraction, Utilities, and Warehousing.

Services We Offer – Our team will help you improve equipment tracking& efficiency. We can help optimize your fleet by analysing equipment usage, identifying underutilized assets, and reducing redundancies. SSGI Rentals can also assume responsibility for equipment extensions and releases, cost reporting, forecasting and more. We’ll also regularly report on key performance indicators and recommend areas for improvement.
Our on-site facility services include 24-hour coverage with your everyday equipment needs as well as mission-critical moments. Whether it’s fuel services to keep equipment running without delays, or utilizing the latest technologies such as remote lockouts of equipment, SSGI Rentals is at your service and on your schedule.

Equipment – SSGI Rentals fleet includes everything from basic tools to highly specialized equipment that range from Backhoe loaders, Hydra to Piling rigs, Earth moving equipment, Cranes, Concrete equipment.As an on-site facility customer, our team of experts will meet with you to ensure you always have the right gear in the right place at the right time for whatever task or project you’re facing.

When you enlist SSGI as your premier equipment rental company with on-site facility, we work alongside you and your goals become our goals.

When You Partner with SSGI – Your needs are met more effectively &efficiently than ever

On a job site, you’ve enough to worry about.