Piling Works

pilling work


Complete design & build services – We’ll be there from plans and foundations all the way through to the finish. We take on all forms of restricted access and open site piling too. Even if you think no one can help you, contact us, as we may be able to help. All work is undertaken by fully trained and experienced members of our team. We always strive to deliver the highest quality knowledge and piling work to every single one of our customers.



SSGI is India’s premier pile driving and drilling specialty contractor, offer expertise in providing our customers with both innovative & economical foundation design and construction solutions. Our experts provide excellent service in all facets of foundation construction.

SSGI has been timely, thorough, and professional in the Piling and Foundation works and solicit your interest for years.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best piling contracting services possible due to the Skills & Knowledge acquired in years. SSGI is based in New Delhi, India but we deliver our services nationwide.

We undertake all forms of Piling Works and have a wide range of Piling Systems and solutions of offer to deal all manner ground conditions.

If you’ve a project that requires PILING, or you’d like help and advice on choosing the best solution for you, contact us to discuss your requirements.



Totally depends on the skills & capabilities of the operator and the availability of the SSGI equipment. India’s Premier Pile driving & Drilling contractor with years of experience in all facets of Foundation Construction.



SSGI comprehensive range of Piling Services covers all major types of piling such as: Foundation Piling, Mini-Piling, and Contiguous Piling. Our specific types of Piles and Piling Services are:

$ Sectional augur mini piles
$ Grout injected continuous flight auger piles
$ Steel cased bottom drive piles
$ Steel case grundomat driven piles
$ Contiguous piling
Along the piling services, we also offer plans to foundations all the way through to the finish, SSGI will be there for your project every step of the way.



The goal of SSGI is to always ensure the maximum availability of piling equipment and the operator with the required skills and best practices with superior support in all conditions and – thus enabling the operator to perform the work with the highest productivity, accuracy, and quality.


Ensures the maximum availability of SSGI Piling Equipment and solves problems before they even happen. Preventive maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure productive, reliable, and safe operation of the SSGI Piling Equipment.


Services are provided starting from the selection of correct Piling Technology or method to the selection of the correct SSGI Piling Equipment.